About Us

Passionate Marketing Experts

 CT Marketing Solutions is a digital marketing agency, specializing in Search Engine Management. While SEM is the foundation of our company, we also successfully manage other digital programs such as Sponsored Social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) and Programmatic Display including Retargeting.  

Why Us?

Our Involvement. All our team members touch all our accounts and are involved with all aspects, from daily optimizations to large scale strategies. We believe new perspective with differing opinions eliminates oversight and account complacency.  Human errors are reduced because our team members have to be detailed, focused and aware before implementing strategies and optimizations. We also offer complete transparency to the digital programs we manage. Transparency is tailored to the client needs, from daily reporting to UI and platform logins. Our company focus is client retention, thus far all of our growth has come from referrals and external client turnover. 

Our Success is Your Success

The lead of the CT Marketing team is Kelcy Coleman; her longtime background was with a large agency. During her career there, she found her passion and excelled in the digital marketing industry. Within a few years, she took a leap of faith and CT Marketing Solutions was born.   

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