Programmatic Display

What is Programmatic & Retargeting?

Programmatic Display  & RTB Display:

Programmatic refers to the use of software to automate the purchase of digital advertising. Traditionally, advertisers have used RFPs (requests for proposals), person-to-person negotiations, and manual insertion orders to buy video ads. Programmatic buying represents a new way.

Real Time Bidding (RTB) offers inventory that was not sold in a Private Market Place (PMP) deal at a discounted rate. Using RTB (with audience and/or contextual targeting) allows for lower CPMs, is much more effective for reach and volume, to test to determine which sites are effective, and for retargeting.

Display Retargeting:

Prospect Modeling for Retargeting is a data focused approach to buy highly targeted display media.

  • Identify Behavior or activity: prospects or buyers grouped by their “digital body language,” typically tied to content topics in emails, e-books, website pages, social media posts and more. A key additional data point is the time frame in which actions were taken.
  • Buying cycle (funnel) stage: prospects or buyers organized by their status – early, middle or late – in the process of evaluating and ultimately purchasing.